The Frozen Belt is a snow-covered wasteland, which reaches from the western to the eastern rim of the world Karsunt, deviding the northern and southern semicircle of Karsunt.

Before the great Age of Exploration, the two semicircles were so well divided by the Frozen Belt, that they developed in complete isolation from eachother, and when the dwarves of the southern semicircle met the elves of the northern semicircle, they both saw eachother for the first time as a race, which almost resulted in a devestating war, had not the human tribesmen of Porthca Vale intervened, acting as intermediaries for the two races.

Inhabitants Edit

There are a few mostly abandoned castles and strongholds, initially built to be inconquerable and isolated that are within the icy grasp of the Frozen Belt, and the white dragons of The Mountains of Madness have many of their caves on this side of the mountain range. Forthermore a tribe of nomadic humans, who call themselves the Snowflake Bedouins lives in the endless white desert of the Frozen Belt, traversing it in set paths, hunting and gathering what they can, and trading furs and ivory at the borders of the Frozen Belt and passers through.

Notable Locations Edit

Locations noted from west to east.