Tim-hurr’tè is the Death of Karsunt, and to many who live there, the god of that world. Though few have love of him, the more enlightened people of this world recognize his important role in their lives, and some even thank him for the service he does.

Unlike other Deaths, Tim-hurr’tè is not ever-present in his world. Indeed, as soon as the night draws to an end, he plucks the sun from the sky, and carries it away to the far off plane of Mechanus, where it fires the engine of some grand celestial machine, until the night in Karsunt is done.

Though few know of this (Knowledge, The Planes DC30), it does not take him all night, to carry the sun there and back, but in fact is a feat done rather quickly. For the remainder of the night, he travels into the Dream, where 106 deities of death serve the altruistic ideal, that all creatures deserve to die, if they choose. Not nescessarily in the Dream itself, but in palces that are so well warded or tucked away, that even death can not usually reach there, that is where the 106 dream Deaths, including the mighty Tim-hurr’tè extend their merciful hands, to guide the dead to the outer planes, or their reincarnation.

When the night is done, Tim-hurr’tè returns to Mechanus, and retrieves the sun of Karsunt, which he restores to its rightful place, positioning himself at the edge of the world to let his scythe thunder down on all who are dying. And while he holds his scythe menacingly in one hand, in his other hand, he benevolently drags the sun along on a gleaming chain, like a bright baloon, shining it down on the land, as he slowly wanders along the edge of Karsunt.